20 Best number fonts: free and paid

Everything you want to know about the number fonts is where to get the best absolute! When coming to choosing the perfect type of letter, there are many fonts available for designers. Whether you aim to read completely or just want to add personality and talent to the design, not an easy task to find fonts that check all your boxes.

There is another possibility, what if someone wants to change the number font style online without wasting time while downloading of font style? In that case, they can use an online number font generator to change simple numbers into amazing number styles.

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But there are other puzzles that must be rolled out by UI designers: display numbers.

There are many reasons you might want to display a number. From data visualization and statistics to contact prices and information, numbers play an important role in the way we understand the data and the world around us.

By remembering that, which number font is good to display numbers and where can you get some free? After you get the right font for your design, it’s just a matter of opening your favorite prototype tool and making it to make!

What is the number font?

Usually, fonts that are made well and comprehensively will include numbers and other symbols in the design. You have a creative font occasionally that mainly focuses on numbers, but that is a little compared to the most common fonts, which include both numbers and letters.

There are several fonts that are less extensive and have less language supported – this tends to be free.

When it comes to getting a font, it’s good to check how many symbols, letters, and numbers are included. We have seen examples of fonts with lost random characters. Overseeing supported language is also important, especially for large companies that intend to make global products and prototypes that stretch with miles.

There is some typography that only has a standard alphabet, for example. If you buy fonts from established castings, such as Hoefler and Co, check the features section – it will give you all the information you need.

It is also necessary to ensure that fonts will work well on mobile devices, so you can maintain your design throughout the board. See our post on the best fonts for applications for more information.

Design with numbers

We mention in the intro that designers can experience difficulties with numbers. Why? The reason is that the number has a different convention from the letter.

Numbers have more curves and some numbers have enough white space to compete. Take the letter O. Depending on the font used, some people may have difficulty distinguishing letters from zero.

To deal with this uniqueness, designers can change the stroke of numbers to provide emphasis or take attention from the number.

When coming to the infographic design, the main header, and list, you must use numbers to convey information in a clear and understandable way. That means choosing the right font and displaying numbers in the right way.

How designers can display numbers

If you have ever spent a lot of time seeing numbers or fonts, you will learn there is a subtle difference in the way the numbers can be displayed.

Layer of number

First is the number of layers. The layer’s numbers are rather clear. That is when the number of types of letters sits on the baseline and is aligned with the height of the lid.

Text number

The text number is when the number -numbers are typeset with varying heights, as seen in the comparison below:

Typefaces for text and numbers

Text numbers are useful when you have numbers in large text blocks. Their goal is not to divert the reader’s attention, and they help the visual rhythm of the text by combining instead of sticking out.

Proportional distance

Then we come to proportional distance, alternative table distance. Proportional distance is a place where the numbers are close together, helping to reduce empty space in the document.

Just like letters, proportional numbers. The width varies according to its shape. Number 1 is much thinner than number 0, for example.

Proportional distance combining letters and shared numbers are more effective. This variation will not work well when it comes to displaying numbers in the table because of the various widths resulting from proportional distances.

Tabular number

Table numbers mean the character or number in fonts occupies the same number of horizontal spaces, also known as monospaced figures.

Here we can clearly see the difference between proportional numbers and table numbers:

Tabular numbers in font numbers

General typewriters use the monospace font and text editors that are also used when writing code. With table numbers, the numbers are built on a fixed width to ensure that the data column is in harmony.

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Font Best For Extraordinary Design: FREE

Let’s look at some large amounts of fonts that can have a real impact on your design. All of this is free and offered by Google, making it perfect for use in combination with your website prototype tool. See our post for more details on Google Fonts.

Crimson text

This Google Font is about simplicity and elegance. Crimson text ring from other classic fonts that we usually see around the internet, and remains with classic shapes and clean lines. It has a long taste for that and will work well for a number and product that is serious and casual.

TypeFace Free Numbers – Crimson Text

The readability of the dark red text is very good, working for large and small sizes. This gives you enough margin to remain with this font in all products, without having to worry about readability.


Lato was first brought to us by łukasz Dziedzic in 2010, and it has been enjoying a lot of popularity since then. It is intended to be simple and elegant, while still showing some unique traits when displayed in a larger size.

One of the main reasons we love Lato very much is because it has a personality, but its simplicity makes it possible for all except unlimited practicality. The font is relaxed but elegant, full of life but also wise. This basically means you can escape by using LATO to display almost all the numbers and any content in any size!

Roboto is thick

Roboto is thick and is a very practical number font. It consists of most geometric forms, but still enjoys an open curve that makes it feel relaxed as a formal opponent. This font also allows numbers to maintain their natural width, which makes a natural reading experience.

Roboto is thick as a free number font
Roboto is thick also giving extraordinary readability. In fact, the font works well and utilizes the best space, making it an extraordinary choice for small numbers. Other major uses for this font include the length of content, forms, or prices that display. Very useful!

Valera Round

Valera Round is a good example of a type of round letter that still managed to provide a good experience to users – even in small sizes. Its round shape allows a friendly and relaxed feel.

Valera Round as a type of free number from Google
One thing with Valera rotation is that despite making great readability in a small font size, it may not provide wow factors in a larger size. This means that it’s used for numbers or important numbers that you want to place in evidence in a rather limited design because you might want to go for fonts that have a greater visual impact.


Bitter is a type of serif that shows many personalities. This is a little thicker than most other ordinary fonts, but it only adds to the charm! Precisely because of its thickness, this font is indeed a miracle when it comes to displaying numbers in very small sizes.

The thickness added increases readability and has the potential to add a lot of colors to any design. Consider this font when displaying numbers in one paragraph, with a small size overall. Your user will appreciate it!

Fjalla one

Fjalla one is another number font that is all about personality. It makes a simple font that still provides a unique experience. The fact that thickness makes it possible for great readability in small sizes, while the round curve allows for visual impacts in a larger size.

Fjalla one as an amazing free number font
It makes a very practical font that you can apply to the two numbers that come accompanied by other content, or to a larger number that takes the middle stage. Fjalla is a free number font that makes a comfortable and wise design, which thinks of visuals and uses of all.


Oswald is a classic font that also enjoyed a little popularity. Sans Serif Types are made and updated constantly to match the screen of any device out there, taking care of the use.

Free Google Font Number – Oswald
The font number is very practical, because his family comes with many choices about body weight, from 200px to 700px! Oswald is a good choice for both small numbers that integrate with the rest of the design, or numbers that attract the prominent attention of the page.

Nanum Gothic

Nanum Gothic is a special type of letter. Initially made for Korean but also supported Latin letters – and worked extraordinarily as font numbers!

One of the best free number fonts – Nanum Gothic
This font provides some great readability, especially when it comes to offering a user number that comes in small sizes, surrounded by other content such as text. It doesn’t do it well when it comes to the number that will be highlighted or displayed in a larger size on the screen.

DM Serif

DM Serif makes a type of letter that is really strong. Made with high contrast, it’s perfect if you want to highlight numbers or make the main component number of the screen. It has a smooth and energetic feel, which makes it perfect for the title and header

DM Serif Display Font
On the other hand, the impact of DM Serif can also be very dominant. This means that Serif DM is better for limited use on the same page, to respect the visual hierarchy. The good news is to have a brother font that follows the same line but is perfect for small sizes and content pages: Serif DM text.


Lora is the Serif number font all about balance and readability. It has a simple and beautiful classic shape, making it a good choice for fonts that you can apply to any number out there. This is in accordance with the formal, serious and more casual, friendly interface.

Examples of Good Free Font Font – Lora
Another great characteristic about Lora is to make a great reading experience, regardless of your size displaying her number. The cherry on it is that he comes with many choices regarding body weight, ranging from 400 regular to 700 bold.

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Jetbrains Mono

Jetbrain Mono carries a digital typographic atmosphere that makes it a large number of fonts for reading for small numbers. Made by Typeface and former digital designer, Phillip Nurulin, this is intended for developers and is easy to eye when turning online by code.

Best Number Font – Jetbrains Mono
The digital display makes it perfect for websites or technology applications or Saas. As a font, this is paired well with the more modest one to open Sans, with Montserrat, Lato, and of course, Roboto.

Open Sans

Open sans is quite common, the type of humanist letter designed with an upright pressure on numbers and instills a neutral appearance as a whole. This is optimized for a variety of different screen resolutions, as well as print, and quite flexible in terms of various functions that you can use, in addition to being a very easy-to-read number font.

Best Number Font – Open Sans
In addition, there is a very large weight available for this font, and also matches Roboto, Lato, and Montserrat if you want to use a secondary font.


Raleway is an elegant font and is very good for use in text blocks or titles. Given the end result of aesthetics, you can use the old-style numbers sitting on the top or below the baseline or coat the numbers for the main header and title.

Best Font Font – Raleway
The great thing about Raleway is that it is also equipped with an alternative geometric sans-serif font, which is contrary to the typical neo-motion style. This ensures that it is always a very readable number font when choosing it to display numbers.

Sumber Sans Pro

Source Sans Pro is Adobe’s first open-source font family. This is a free and elegant font choice that has a high level of readability, comes in a variety of huge weights, and offers the original 8 number for boot.

Best Font Font – Source Sans Pro
If you want to pair Sans Pro sources with other fonts, it tends to go hand in hand with Roboto Condensed and Lato.

Roboto Mono

Roboto Mono is basically a monospaced version of Roboto’s type and optimized for high readability in various different device sizes, making it an excellent choice for responsive website design.

Best Number Font – Roboto Mono
Using a tabular number font like Roboto Mono means the number is very contrasting. The numbers also work well when mixed with text and don’t confuse the reader. For example, 1 and ‘I’ are easy to distinguish, like 0 and O.

Roboto Slab

Roboto Slab is a good way to introduce a dose of a benign, friendly, and open curve for your UI design. It appears with a mechanical backbone, but its shape is geometrical.

Best Number Font – Roboto Slab
But while Roboto Slab is in the form, because the numbers do not impose their strict style on all numbers, let them settle naturally without changing their width, using proportional distances, which leads to a more natural reading rhythm that is more similar to the humanist font and sans serif typical.

Cormorant Garamond

Cormorant Garamont is a setback to the Era of LED typeFace and is very good for use in special cases, such as for titles or headlines. This is because, in our opinion, it seems to be more aesthetic than focusing on practical use, with numbers that rest above and below the baseline, along with beautiful sweeps on 3, 6, and 9.

Best Font Font – Cormorant Garamond
For this reason, as a font number, it runs perfectly when paired with more functional fonts such as Montserrat and lato, but you can also mix it with other screen fonts like the Playfair below, but with numbers, this may not be possible.

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Playfair Display

If you are looking for a deep aesthetic and traditional font, you can do far worse than experimenting with the Playfair display. This font was originally inspired by the replacement of a pen with a fountain.

Best Number Font – Playfair Display
This is good for cases in which the form of the trumps functions for decorative purposes, such as the resistant numbers. When used for this purpose, you can pair it with more functional fonts such as Raleway, Montserrat, and Open Sans.

Shippori Mincho

Shibori Mincho is more of a classic-style serif, which was originally intended for long text settings in the novel.

Best Number Font – Shippori Mincho
Because of its intended nature, this makes it a perfect number display number that has a high level of readability in small sizes. This matches Roboto, Sans Open, Montserrat and Lato.

Free Neue

When it comes to making a prominent number, some fonts do it better than neue-free. But that is also a good choice for a small amount too. This is only versatile – the end of the story!