15 Best Trekking Places Near Bangalore


Planning a weekend trek near Bangalore? If so, our list of the best trekking spots near Bangalore will help you start your research. Start your journey to lesser-known but incredibly fascinating trekking destinations.

It’s time to get away from the nerve-wracking hustle and bustle of the city, pack your bags and say goodbye to chaos for a while.

Nandi Hills 

Trekking at Tipu Sultan’s Summer Retreat – Located at an altitude of 1478m, Nandi Hills, or Nandi Durg is one of the most popular places for trekking near Bangalore.  A mesmerizing location, it offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and Amrita Sarovar. Practice rock climbing and abseiling from Tipu’s Drop – a famous rocky outcrop in the Nandi Hills.


Trekking in ‘Silk City’ – Filming location of the legendary Hindi film ‘Sholay’, Ramanagara is one of the best trekking spots near Bangalore. Famous for its silk market and scenic treks, Ramanagara is popular with both amateur trekkers and professionals. It is also known for rock climbing, bird watching, and the ancient Pattabhirama Temple. It is one of the best places for a weekend hike near Bangalore.


A favorite of all trekking pros – At Skandagiri, the trek starts from Papagani Temple, easily accessible from Bangalore, Nandi Hills, or Chikballapur town. There are two caves along the route. This is a fairly difficult trek and is mostly done by professionals. Also known as Kalabara Durga, it is one of the most beautiful trekking spots in Bangalore. Especially suitable for night trekking around Bangalore. Explorers planning expeditions from Bangalore will love this little beauty.


A unique little place in Karnataka – volcanic rocks, boulders, caves, and small hills make Ansarganj one of the most popular trekking spots. This trail is a combination of trekking and caving. This is a 3km journey through tough and tricky trails and some of the most beautiful scenery. The trek is considered one of the best places for solo trekking near Bangalore, easy and scenic. , making it one of the best treks near Bangalore.

Savandurga Hill 

One of the highest monoliths in Asia – Savandurga is one of the most beautiful trekking spots around Bangalore, perfect for nature lovers and adventure lovers. Sabandurga has two popular hiking trails, Kaligudda and Gorigudda. This is a more popular and challenging hike through the ancient fort of Kempe Gowda.

A trek from Devarayanadurga 

surrounded by lush forests and caves – with two temples, Bhoga Narsimha at the bottom and Yoga Narsimha at the top offer mesmerizing views of the surroundings. The area is dotted with many natural hot springs, and Ikuta Chirume is one of them. Along the way, you can spot a huge cave with idols of Rama, Lakshmana, and Sita, making it one of the most attractive trekking spots near Bangalore for pilgrims and adventure seekers.

Makali Durga 

Huge granite hill for climbing – This is a rather difficult trek through granite hills, wild shrubs, and other vegetation. Makari Durga prides itself on its tranquillity, and the sight of the ruined fortress at its summit delights all hikers. Makari Durga, his one-day trek near Bangalore, is especially popular with adventure seekers from September to February. This is one of the closest trekkers he spots to Bangalore as it is only 75 km away from Bangalore.


One of the least explored trekking spots – Madhugiri is the second largest monolith after Savanagiri and one of the most beautiful and unusual places near Bangalore. On the way, you can see Madhugiri Fort built by Hyder Ali. Soon after its construction, it is infested with bee colonies. It is one of the best trekking spots near Bangalore but in some places, it can be a very difficult 1.5-hour trek.

Channarayana Durga 

Trek to Channarayana Durga to enjoy the pristine beauty of the hill and its centuries-old fortress. A moderate day trek near Bangalore takes about half a day to explore the summit of Maratha Fort. Lack of proper signage can cause hikers to make mistakes. It is one of the best trekking spots near Bangalore as it has a lot to offer.

Kunti Betta 

A mix of boulders, grasslands, and granite boulder terrain, Kunti Betta is one of the best trekking spots near Bangalore known for night trekking.


Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta 

Located in the Eastern Ghats, a great destination for short hikes around Bangalore if you like easy hikes. Once at the top, take in the stunning views and visit the temple dedicated to Lord Rangaswamy. You can also visit during the Rangaswamy Temple Festival, which is celebrated by the locals.



This is a small town in the Mandya district, popular with anglers. Bhimeshwari is also home to Murcia, known as one of the best game fish in the world. Surrounded by the serene beauty of nature, this place is a true paradise just a few hours from Bangalore. 


Kumara Parvatha 

Kumara Parvasa, better known as Pushpagiri, is known as the highest peak of the Pushpagiri Nature Reserve. It also holds the record for being the sixth highest mountain in Karnataka.  Located in Subrahmanya village, it is one of the ideal treks for adventure junkies. It is one of the best places for hiking near Bangalore.



This is a 4 km trek starting from Sarpadhari and has some steep roads. There are other fun activities worth experiencing, such as mountain biking and road biking.



This is also an ideal hike for beginners. Known as the second highest mountain in Karnataka, the Tadiandamor trek is a great option for a fun time surrounded by nature.