14 Terms Everyone In The Car Parking Services Industry Should Know

14 Terms Everyone In The Car Parking Services Industry Should Know

Car Parking isn’t easy. To become a pro in car parking you should have relevant knowledge and skills. Today, I am discussing about 14 terms that you should be aware of in car parking services.

The 14 most important terms in the parking services industry are:

1. Access Control System(ACS): 

To manage or park a car is a difficult challenge for beginners in an accessed car parking area. There are some facilities which need access like a voucher or ID proof and the ACS is a system with in-built software which will help you to manage the controls in the parking facility.

2. Alarm: 

Alarms are used in most places. With access to an alarm in parking, you can get a set of messages to your mobile phone if there is any vandalism or theft of your car. These types of alarms are also used by the users to get any kind of help or assistance in car parking. Also, if there are certain operational rules broken, then also an alarm can be triggered.

3. Anti-PassBack: 

This is a system which provides control to the ACS users who need to get in and out of the car parking in a well defined sequence with the use of his credentials. It is categorized into two types:

a) Hard anti pass back: 

In this, if the person does not follow sequence while car parking then alarm will be triggered and message will be sent to the ACS controllers.

b) Soft anti pass back: 

It is a lenient control system. If the person does not follow sequence in car parking then the records reports are generated and violations messages are sent by an alarm. The parking issues are also monitored in this.

4. Atomic Clock: 

It is a molecular system in which an oscillator that is electronically generated is mainly controlled by the vibrations of this system. It is basically used to check the correctness and consistency of time management in the systems.

5. Blue Badge Technology: 

The blue badges are an amalgamation of technologies which includes printing patterns, holographically induced features, a well centered database for the people who are badge holders. Parking police officers carry out daily checks of these badge holders using mobile phones and PC’s.

6. Car Park Management System (CPMS): 

It is a collection of multiple technologies used in parking mainly used for off-parking facilities. Also, a guide to parking and how occupancy can be tracked is done in CPMS.

7. Connected Car: 

In this, a car has built-in internet access. The driver can also share internet services with other devices in car parking. Also, he will get notifications of any crash or speeding of the car with alerts for safety. 

8. Entry Lane Station: 

It is a type of cashier booth in which people have to pay money for their parking facility or a token which is a confirmation of entry time and validity of the car in the surroundings.

9. Global Positioning System (GPS): 

A GPS is a system in which you can navigate using a satellite system. It helps in keeping track of the law enforcement and various ticket issues and activities when a person parks the car in a wrong area.

10. Intelligent Mobility: 

It is a type of technology in which the focus is on the more efficient, greener and smarter use of vehicles in car parking. It means pollution is controlled through this technology. 

11. License Agreement: 

It is a type of agreement in which one party is able to take control of the vehicles or property from another party. There are some conditions which define that the property should or should not be used under a specific time limit in car parking.

12. Mobile Payment: 

In this, the persons pay for their parking using this technology. Earlier, it was also done so that no one has to pay coins. This technology helps to pay for car parking charging fees in an efficient manner.

13. Parking Guidance System: 

This system helps in providing guidance to the people for their car parking spaces. This system also keeps track of occupancy, i.e. where spaces are available for parking.

14. Quick Response Code (QR code): 

It is a barcode through which a user can read bulk data. It is basically written in black on a white background in squares. There can be links connected to the QR code. It is mostly used when people pay for their car parking services.

The End

The above-mentioned terms are commonly used in the car parking industry. These terms help you to understand more about car parking services and their policies, rules, and regulations. So, whenever you search for vehicle parking near me to park your car, always keep a reminder or check on these terms.

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