13 Tips for your Content Marketing Strategy

In recent years, the importance of planning a content strategy and adding value to attract users’ attention to our websites and blogs has not stopped growing.

Without a digital strategy that correctly defines your marketing plan to follow, everything becomes much more difficult.

Without content planning, you will not generate sales opportunities for your services and value to the new digital user (increasingly eager for news), even if you have the most cutting-edge blog.

Those who work on the Internet daily know the importance of creating value for users since there is nothing more counterproductive than boring them.

For this reason, in this post, I want to talk to you about why all types of blogs should follow a content marketing plan and what actions can be carried out within a communication strategy.

Advantages of a Marketing Plan for all types of blogs

Applying all the tips, I leave you below will bring you numerous advantages thanks to following a marketing plan that allows you to publish content according to your blog and audience (whatever they are).

Among them, it could be highlighted that you are going to:

  • Improve search engine positioning.
  • Increase engagement with your audience.
  • Get more traffic (and quality).
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Make your blog a consultation tool.
  • Think that defining a digital strategy and materializing it in an effective content marketing plan will make you stand out from the rest. This is applicable to all types of blogs, no matter if it is personal or corporate blogs.

13 Tips for your Content Marketing Strategy

1. Use audio and video

It is unnecessary to think only that the content is writing, writing, and writing. A blog should not become a long and endless “bible.”

Sometimes, users are tired of reading and want something that catches their attention in their fleeting passage through the networks.

What better than a video or a podcast of an interesting interview? Applying some of YouTube’s super tricks will help you supercharge your marketing strategies.

2. Include visual elements

Other elements, such as banners or infographics, add dynamism and are always a good option to present a topic visually.

”In content marketing, it is best to give the user several options to choose from.”

But if the design isn’t your thing, or you don’t have a lot of time to create your own materials, watching a tutorial or reading a guide to infographic design tools can help a lot.

3. Relate a specific theme to something current

This idea is essential and should be part of your content marketing strategy. Attract the user with something current that is of interest to her so that later she continues “snooping” your blog.

You should always be aware of trends, check social networks to find out what is being talked about, or subscribe to other blogs and sites with related quality content to help you in this task.

4. Humanize communication

This tip is vital, especially if you have a personal blog. Although it can be applied to all types of blogs, if you are a freelancer, the user must know that there is someone on the other side.

Print your personality to your blog, and you will ensure that extra differentiation over the competition with a much more accessible and reliable communication strategy.

5. Update the content

This is very important, as the marketing strategy that worked at the time may not work today.

This is part of any content marketing plan because when you define your goals, you will have to consider the possibility of making changes.

These changes, caused by external trends or changes in your strategic plan, will mean that your content must also be updated.

“Recycling content will help you optimize your positioning and renew your reputation on social networks.”

6. Take the title into account

When writing an article, we often leave the title for last, or we put the first thing that comes to mind. This is downplaying something that helps us position and can generate virality by itself.

Give headlines the importance they deserve and make them as creative as possible!

7. Utilizar Keywords

In this sense, it is essential that you analyze how to search for keywords and include them in their optimal proportion so that the content does not seem to be written by a robot.

8. Play with the mind

All kinds of ideas go through our minds. Sometimes, we are blocked (due to stress, fatigue, or saturation), and other times we are able to put everything that comes to mind on paper.

Try to use techniques such as brainstorming but individually, and you will see how one idea leads to another, and soon you will have the perfect post for your blog’s marketing plan.

9. Listen, always listen

We must not forget that in a good content marketing strategy, we must take into account the audience we are targeting.

For this reason, it is always good to listen to customers, suppliers, the competition, and even the people in our closest environment.

Everyone can be part of the target audience, so you must stay alert and practice “active” listening, as this will guide you and give you the guidelines to follow.

10. Share successes and failures

To make your communication strategy more transparent, you should not only spread the experiences in which you have gone well, but you should also tell about the difficulties of the process of positioning your brand.

11. Review, correct, and transform

Any content marketing plan has a stage of promotion and dissemination on social networks.

For this to be carried out efficiently, you must first recycle and update the content that no longer contributes to anything interesting and check possible errors or broken links.

In addition, you will be able to give even more value thanks to the optimization of images and review the articles that can be improved in terms of SEO.

12. Recommend other blogs or websites

Just as we like that others recommend and spread our page, it is also important that we are not selfish and share articles, infographics, or videos that have been published on other sites.

When making a recommendation, do not forget to mention the source.

Your readers will appreciate this, as they are demanding and will also want to compare data from various information channels.

In addition, in this way, you involve other professionals in your content marketing plan and, therefore, in your communication strategy in general.

13. Make a report of the generated content

To finish with these tips, remember to collect all the statistics and data generated monthly by the contents of your blog to make a good results report.

Using Google Analytics or the statistics generated by the Jetpack by WordPress plugin will allow you to analyze the impact of your content and identify any need for modification.