12 Ways to Grow Your Business with a Business Loan

Whether big or small, every business or enterprise needs capital to grow and expand.
The availability of capital is directly proportional to the number of years your company
can survive and how? There are many ways you can get a loan for a business. The most
common ways to get a loan is either from a bank or NBFCs. Between a bank and an
NBFC, the NBFC is preferable because they don’t ask for a share in your profit.

The easy availability of business loans will aid you to meet small expenses that are
incurred in the business. They help you to face major financial challenges occurring in
the business. If you are a first-time borrower, you can read on to know how you can
grow your business with a loan

  • Purchase new machinery

It is very important to keep up with the competition in the market. The new machinery
gets updated at least every year and it is mandatory to keep a record of the same for
your business. This way you can ensure that your productivity is enhanced and your
output is also up to the industry standard. There are equipment finance loans that are
available to purchase machinery for your business. These loans offer a longer
repayment period and the sum that can be borrowed is also significant.

  • Hiring Skilled Staff

The workforce of your company is the backbone of your company. If you lose skilled
workers it directly affects the profitability of the company and the standing of the
company in the market. However, in the case of expansion or for startups, it can be
difficult to pay employees if you are focusing on rebuilding the business. Here, the
business loan can be a savior and can help you retain the skilled staff by paying them
regularly with the borrowed sum.

  • Inventory Purchase

In the case of purchase of new inventory or purchasing any inventory in bulk, the outflow
of funds is sometimes more than expected. A major reason behind this unexpected
expense is inflation. To beat this scenario, you can always opt for a loan and buy the
inventory. Sometimes, in case of an expected price rise in the raw material inventory, a
business loan can play a vital role as you can buy the inventory beforehand.

  • Building your Credit Profile

For building your credit profile, you can always opt for unsecured loans. These have
proved to be a good source to increase your creditworthiness in the market. The loans
are affordable and have EMIs that can be adjusted and the repayment periods offered
are also longer. Hence borrowing a loan may increase your credit score and help you in
future for borrowing purposes.

  • Introducing New Products

Adding new products to your existing business is always a good option. This way you
will have more to offer to the customers and hence they will also be attracted to the
products. The addition of new products will also help you to reach out to newer
audiences while you retain the old ones. A business loan can help you launch these

  • Amalgamation of Competitors

One of the easiest and fastest ways to grow your business is to acquire your
competitors. This way the competition in the market is lowered for you and you can
become successful. Buying a competitor might need funds that might not be readily
available to you and hence a business loan can help you to grow this way.

  • Pay Off Liabilities

If you have a pending liability then, a business loan can be used for getting rid of existing
debt. In some cases, debts can be consolidated and hence the EMIs will also be lower
and the debts are also paid off.

  • Boost Marketing

In case you are moving to a new area where you have set up and expanded your
business, you will need to put in more marketing efforts to sell your products. Here, a
business loan can take care of this requirement.

  • Supplier Relationships

The most common expense in business is the payment to suppliers of inventory. A
strong business relationship is needed to build a good rapport with the suppliers. These
regular payments are necessary and hence business loans can come in handy for the
same purpose.

  • Credit Sales

Expanding to a new location may also require you to sell some goods on credit. This will
enhance the brand reputation and build a positive image in the market. For this reason,
business loans can be taken so as to thrive for a certain period in the market.

  • Patenting

If your company is into manufacturing products, then patenting and branding are
expenses that you will have to incur so as to leave a mark outside. It is an important part
of product marketing and selling. A business loan can help you in covering these

  •  Going Digital

No matter what sector your business is operating in, going digital and having a website
is a must in today's environment. A business Home loan in Ahmedabad can help you to set up a digital
website and a platform for your business.


Business finance is the most popular source of finance these days with attractive interest
rates and longer repayment periods. The application process is also hassle-free and the
documentation required is minimal. However, before you take a business loan, read and
understand the queries discussed above.