11 Tips on Using Ayurveda to Rejuvenate Yourself


There are many misconceptions about the word Ayurveda. We think Ayurveda is just about a bunch of herbs that are used to cure some diseases. The fact is, Ayurveda literally means ‘Knowledge of Life’ and Ayurvedic medicine is just a sub-part of that knowledge. Ayurveda is actually a science that teaches us the right way to live; this is how it was designed by our ancestor’s thousands of years ago. In today’s world, if you adopt even some part of Ayurvedic living, you will live a fulfilled life. Today, we will look at all those elements that are cumulatively Ayurveda.

Wander in Nature

It is believed that our body is made of “Panch Bhutas”- Jal (water), Dharti (earth), Hawa (air), Agni (fire), and Aakash (space). A proper and geometrical balance of all these elements of nature in our body will ensure that we live a fulfilled life. We can ensure this by becoming one with nature, at frequent intervals.

Consume Ayurvedic Medicines

I would not say that Ayurvedic medicines are a remedy for all kinds of body ailments (especially not for bacterial, fungal, or viral attacks on the body). But if we talk about chronic diseases, then Ayurveda definitely has solutions for them. Also, Ayurvedic medicines work slowly & gradually, and you need to give time to this kind of healing. Some problems like indigestion can be cured by Ayurveda.

Use Ayurvedic Products

There is a whole range of beauty products that are made from natural herbs that are bought from different corners of the world. In fact, there are many ingredients that are available in our homes itself, and we can use them to make face packs, hair serums, hair oil, etc. If that is too much trouble, you can look for online stores that sell Ayurvedic beauty solutions, and get the products easily. You can also avail of vouchers and coupon codes against your purchase to make it economic.

Meditation is Not a Faux

Meditation is a very subtle process of calming your body, mind, and emotions. If you can just sit calmly for a few minutes in a day, carrying no mental drama in your head, it would just rejuvenate your whole body (trust me, it works like a magic!)

Treat Your Water Right

Water is the elixir of life, and when something is so vital for your life, you need to treat it right. A deficiency of water in your body can lead to a lot of problems (which is why whenever you feel thirsty, gulp down water until your thirst satiates). However, if your body consumes an excess of water, it can imbalance the content of sodium present in your body, which can again lead to many issues. In short, let your body decide how much water it wants.

Watch What You Eat

Various types of research have proven that our body quite easily digests fruits & raw vegetables. It takes the longest to digest red meat. Therefore, you should always watch how much meat you eat. If you eat a lot of meat (especially fried ones), it is going to increase bad cholesterol in your system, which can lead to heart problems. Fruits & vegetables are good for the body; try to include more of them in your diet. In fact, if you just take care of what you eat, many of your physical problems will go away.

Time & Food Quantity

Indian Vedic system believes that you should be done with your dinner before the sun sets because it helps in the proper digestion of food. If your body has undigested food, then it will create gas in your body and many other problems. Also, do not eat more than your hunger. Improper eating time and mindless eating will put an unnecessary burden on your digestive system, which is a bad way of living.

Keep Your Colon Clean

Whenever you visit any naturopathy center, the first thing doctors do is prescribe an enema process and colon therapy. These are just a way of cleaning your colon. Half of your physiological & psychological problems start with an unclean colon. In fact, in Ayurveda, treatment for any kind of illness starts with first cleaning your colon.

Yoga Works

Yoga is not just about bending & stretching your body, but it is more about maintaining a proper geometry of your body so that it functions at the best of its capability. Different Asanas ensure that all the nodes, joints, and pressure points in your body work perfectly. A regular yoga practice for 30 minutes will definitely create wonders in your life. You can start with basic Upa Yoga and then gradually include Hatha yoga practices in your daily routine.

Technique to Wake-up Right

As soon as you wake up, if a cell phone is the first thing that you look for, then you are not starting your day right. The best way to wake up right is to wake up with a smile on your face. As soon as you wake up, sit straight calmly on your bed for 2 minutes. In these 2 minutes, just thank the universe for letting you live for another day; smile for the very fact that you are alive. Just a small 2-minutes exercise will go a long way in shaping your day right!

Be Grateful

Just be grateful. Period. Be grateful for all that you have in your life presently. Yes, you have a plan in life and you want to reach your goals, but appreciate the fact that you have come a long way! Be grateful for all those small things in life that we take for granted (sunlight, oxygen, rain, beautiful landscapes, humanity, etc., so much to be grateful about).