11 Best Beaches in the United States

Beaches are where you go to experience ‘soft fun’, especially during the summer. You can do all sorts of activities at the beach to have a great time. Different people have different reasons why they love or visit the beach. It could be due to the sands, the clear and pleasant waters, the scenic views or other reasons. The good news is that America does not lack them. Therefore, one can easily drive or find their way to the nearest beach.

Based on top reviews, here are some of the top beach destinations you might want to visit if you are in the country. It is important to bear in mind that due to Covid, there might be certain restrictions in place. Therefore, check the availability of such places or make reservations before visiting.

Clearwater Beach, Florida

Florida offers countless beautiful things and this beach located along the Gulf of Mexico is one of them. Its clear, blue, and warm water, beautiful white sand, and proximity to other tourist places make it one of the most popular destinations. Right next to the beach, there are restaurants, hotels, parks, shops, etc. easily accessible to visitors. Tourists can have fun by partaking in many beach activities such as swimming, fishing, cycling, etc. 

Wai’anapanapa Black Sand Beach, Maui Island, Hawaii 

The word wai’anapanapa means glistening waters. Based on history, it is said the glistening of the water is due to the reflection of the sun on the clear waters. This beach boasts black sand, stunning views of the shoreline, sea arches, pool caves, and trails for hiking and other outdoor activities. 

Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida

The beaches in this coastal city are legendary on their own but this particular one is the main center of tourist attraction to visitors. Asides from its sand and ocean-clear waters, there is a promenade along the beach lined with palms where one can walk or relax to enjoy the scenery. There are hotels, sidewalk cafes, restaurants, shops, bars, etc. within proximity that its visitors can access. It is a pleasant place worth visiting. 

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Malibu Lagoon State Beach, California 

This fine sandy beach located in Malibu, a city in California overlooks homes and offers an amazing view of the city. It is also famous for its waves, clean waters, trails, and an estuary filled with wildlife. Possibility to fish, swim, dive, surf, and partake in other beach activities here. There is also the Malibu County mart where visitors can shop, parking spots, and restaurants available at visitors’ expense.

Miami Beach, South Florida 

This beach offers varieties other than just its sand, sparkling waters, and pools. It is famous for its art deco, culture, nightlife, architecture, spas, dining, hotels, and many more. There are tons of things to do here and that makes it a perfect place for getaways. An additional bonus is that many celebrities and models visit this place also so there are chances you might see some of them.

Venice Beach, Venice City, Florida 

This destination is not just a beach but also a full package place that offers many recreational activities. Places such as the Venice canal, boardwalk, Skate Park, promenade, playground, outdoor gyms, mural spots, and more attraction sites are close to this beach. The place is always bustling with life as it is open to anyone and everyone.

Driftwood Beach Jekyll Island, Georgia 

From its name alone, you can tell that this place has something unique to offer. The brown water ocean water; together with Driftwood and trees that were washed ashore from previous years gives this place its mind-blowing scenery. The gorgeous view here has made it to be one of the popular romantic destinations, and a spot for taking photographs. 

Laguna Main Beach, South California

This small coastal city is renowned for its beaches, caves, trails, and more. Its calm waters, tides, and waves allow different outdoor activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, etc. It allows its visitors to explore and connect with the beach, art, nature, and people of the city. 

Cannon Beach, Oregon 

The scenic ocean view at this beach makes it one of America’s best. Especially with the Haystack Rock standing right in the middle above the ocean. The picturesque view here is breathtaking and its long sandy shore and tidal pools make it great for swimming.

Coronado Central Beach, San Diego

The climate in this city makes this place a popular destination for visitors. The long stretch beach is known for its beautiful sands, clean, warm water, and beautiful scenery. There are also hotels, promenades and paths, parks, and other tourist spots nearby.

Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California

This natural beach filled with different colored glasses got its name from a time when it was a dumping ground for sea glass. When the sea glasses collide with the beach water, the sight is spectacular. The scenic view, clear blue skies, and presence of sea creatures make it one of the best beaches. Tourists can carry out activities such as camping, trails for biking, rock climbing, etc.

You can check out other beaches in the US  yourself.

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