100 best health tips to help you live well

There are many examples to prove how tiny portions and drops, when worked upon cumulatively, result in a huge product. However small a habit is, if you do it consistently over time, it will build you into a whole new person. This article is about all those small habits which when followed religiously, can transform you drastically. Follow these 100 habits one by one to see a visible difference.

  • The floor is your best friend

Make sure you spend maximum time on the floor. Try sitting cross-legged on the floor.

  • Oil your health

There is this myth that oil is unhealthy. They are essential for the smooth functioning of your joints. Indulge in olive oils and oils from nuts for wholesome nutrition.

  1. Set a timer for alcohol
  2. Hug your illness away

When you hug or cuddle with someone, love hormone is released, which is very effective in controlling and maintaining your stress levels.

  • C-C-C magic

This three-c magic is a must for hay fever season. That is count, cover and clean. Make sure you follow these before stepping out of the house.

  • Keep an ear on your gut

Usually, our gut speaks the truth much earlier than we can comprehend. So, keeping our ear and listening to our gut is the key to making notes of our gut intuitions.

  • Control dry fruit intake

As the fruits are dried and concentrated, there is maximum sugar concentration in them. Though they are very good for our digestion, it is important to keep them within limits to not increase sugar intake levels.

  • Greens are essential

Green vegetables and spinach are indispensable when it comes to holistic nutrition. Try and diversity your green diet and include a variety of spinaches to improve gut health.

  1. Indulge in protein snacks
  2. Always trim your nails
  3. Get your vitamin D dosage

A few minutes in the sun every day in the morning is essential for the healthy development of bones and improvement in calcium formation. This daily dose of vitamin D is a must.

  1. Be mindful
  2. Lentil your way
  3. Always make that extra push
  4. Stack on habits

If you find a particular habit difficult to develop, then add it to another habit that you are regular in doing. For example, you can add drinking warm water immediately after brushing your teeth. Make sure you warm your water beforehand and is readily available.

  • Good fats for a good mood

It is a known fact that certain food cause changes to our moods in different ways. To improve this, add some good nut fats to your diet to have a happy and healthy body.

  • Change your running terrains

We usually run in our gym treadmills or parks nearby. However, it is important that you take your running or walking uphill or on beaches or pebbled path to improve your resistance and also adds more strength to your calves.

  • Add veggies where ever you can

Kids hate veggies and so we make them believe and eat certain veggies as snacks or fries. The same is possible for adults as well. We tend to give up on vegetables sometimes. So we can add them to our soups and stews so that we do not miss out on their nutrition.  

  1. Self-care is mandatory
  2. Get swimming into your routine

Moving against the water increases the number of calories burned along with strengthening muscles. Add buoys to your arms and that intensifies your swimming.

  1. Know how to sit
  2. Get fruits in your pudding
  3. Make your plates colourful

The more colourful our plates are, the more indulgent we are. Also, being stuck with the same type of vegetable and fruit will not give you holistic nutrition. Try using different varieties of the same vegetable to increase the gut microbe’s growth and improve digestion.

  1. Limit your caffeine intake
  2. Persist till you reach

We always try to be perfectionists until it gets the good of us. Rather than being perfect, it is ideal for us to aspire to be persistent. Doing it most of the time is more important than doing it perfectly once.

  • Keep track of your innerwear age

It is ideal for you to change your innerwear every six months. As our bodies tend to change in shape, it is also important to change inners according to their needs.

  1. Look for authentic supplements
  2. Stock up your herbs
  3. Ensure dental hygiene

Brushing and flossing are the 2 super pairs which ensure perfect dental health and well-being.

  1. Get indulged in Kegel exercises
  2. Sitting is the new smoking

Never sit continuously for more than an hour. It is very important that you move your body rather than sit for long.

  1. Seed diet

Seeds are crucial for our body’s development and are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. Also, these are extremely useful for vegans to get wholesome nutrition. Flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and chia seeds make a great addition to your diet.

  1. Get aligned with nature
  2. Mushroom in your diet
  3. Time your GP appointment
  4. Focus word meditation
  5. Increase fibres in the diet
  6. Get yourself some beach time
  7. Improve your fitness game
  8. Music and singing
  9. Do not rinse immediately
  10. Motivate yourself
  11. Get your dance steps right
  12. Stop screen before sleep time

Keeping away from our screens at least an hour before the actual screen time is the key to the healthy eye and brain activity. Blue light wreaks havoc on the sleep-wake cycle.  

  1. Cut down on sugar
  2. Try power exercises
  3. Breathwork every day

Maintaining mindfulness and indulging in breathwork is the way to go for a healthy mind and body. Breathworks help us in calming ourselves and reducing soaring stress levels.

  1. 50-50 rule

The key to a healthy body and gut is a 50 per cent carbs and 50 per cent vegetable diet.

  1. Indulge in experiences
  2. Kitchen garden

Nowadays, it is difficult to find chemical-free fruits and vegetables in our markets. The answer to this is to grow our kitchen garden and relish in your home-grown veggies.

  1. Include 3 fun tasks for the weekend
  2. Health inspo for free
  3. Try writing the alphabet with your toes. A fun way for a functional body.
  4. Testing your talking
  5. Get better with baking
  6. Keep your body numbers in check
  7. Protect your neck from tech
  8. Cheesy way to health

Cheese is loaded with vital nutrients and minerals that aid our bodies. Munching on cheese when hungry can be a great alternative to otherwise unhealthy packaged snacks.  

  1. Count your blessings
  2. Keep checking your shoe size
  3. Get your body concerns tackled
  4. Workout in tune with the music
  5. Wholesome breakfast
  6. Neither too hot nor too cool

To have a healthy mind and body, make sure that you have quality sleep. The ideal sleep temperature must be maintained to ensure sound sleep.

  1. Load up on canned fish
  2. Great start for a great day
  3. Get your stool right
  4. Have a sleep-wake timer
  5. Mind game for your workout routine
  6. Get to your health check-up with the right questions
  7. Walk for a healthy you
  8. Prep your meals well in advance
  9. Bananas for great energy
  10. Work and rest are both crucial
  11. Notice your body secretions
  12. Laugh your stress away
  13. Scrape your tongue
  14. Check your iron content
  15. Handbag cleanliness

Many women tend to carry their handbags to public restrooms. This activity increases the presence of germs and causes harm. It is crucial to clean and disinfect your handbags every week to maintain cleanliness.

  1. Open windows for a healthy home
  2. Clear your brain fog
  3. Avocado and toast
  4. Improve swimming levels
  5. Never promise more than what you can do
  6. Fridays to the rescue
  7. Save and finish off your leftovers

The fresher our food is, the healthier our body will be. Try to consume leftover foods as soon as possible. Keeping them for 2 or more days is more harmful than the food you will waste.

  1. Eat with the people

There is this famous proverb that “0tTe family which eats together, stays together”.

  1. Pets and happiness
  2. Community projects along with exercise
  3. Check your breasts regularly for any change
  4. Control your salt intake
  5. Sometimes, you need to maintain your alone time to introspect and reflect
  6. Diversify your proteins
  7. Juices along with water
  8. Try alcohol-free get-togethers
  9. Stretch while you catch up on your tv-shows
  10. Be kind and share kindness. The more love you give, the more you get.
  11. Include meditation while you move and work
  12. Carry water wherever you go
  13. Talk with your family and bond with them over food.