10 useful tips for packing during the move!

If you are moving, you naturally want to take as much of your belongings as possible. You worry about how everything has to be packed and unpacked at the old address. There are many clever tricks for packing. That’s why we’ll give you 10 tips for packing during the move!

Tip 1: Put your clothes in garbage bags

With a garbage bag, you can tie all the clothes together. Then, the hangers are removed from the clothes and kept in the wardrobe. This way, you can immediately put the clothes in your new home in the closet.

Tip 2: Wrap cabinets with foil

We stay with the (clothing) closets for a while. You can wrap cabinets with protective film. Doors and drawers do not slide open during lifting, and light objects, such as underpants, can remain in the drawers!

Tip 3: Keep your screws together

Screws often get lost. When disassembling the furniture, we recommend that you put the screws in small bags. Order these bags by writing down which piece of furniture it concerns and then stick the bags with screws with tape on the relevant piece of furniture. So you no longer look for those annoying screws!

Tip 4: Order your jewelry

If you like jewelry, you don’t want it to mess up the journey to your new address while packing. It is possible to use freezer bags for necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Earrings can also be placed in small boxes, or you can easily keep them together by cutting the buttons of a buttonhole and taping them.

Tip 5: Wrap dishes with towels

Crockery is very fragile. A good ‘pad’ for this is the use of towels because you also want to take these with you when you move. Wrap two or three plates in a towel and seal them with tape. This saves wrapping paper and space in the moving boxes.

Extra tip: place the plates vertically in the box!

Tip 6: Glasses in socks

Glasses in socks? How can you imagine that!? Just the same way as the dishes in the towels. The socks also go with the move, so why not put the glasses in the socks? Wash your socks beforehand. Otherwise, you will get smelly glasses. For extra strength, we recommend putting extra material between the glasses.

Tip 7: Put your mattress in the storage bag

Protect your mattress by putting it in the mattress storage bag. You can buy it from Britwrap at a reasonable price if you don’t have it.

Tip 8: Store books in trolley cases

If you are a real lover of reading, you will have many books. For packing during the move, putting them in trolley cases is useful. Firstly, it is better for your body; secondly, you can roll them straight to the moving van. If you don’t have a trolley, ask one of our movers for the best tip for moving your heavy stuff.

Tip 9: Take pictures of the cables

Before disconnecting all cords and cables from your electronic equipment, we recommend taking pictures first. This way, you can easily see which cable goes in which connection and connect everything perfectly in your new home!

Tip 10: Box for the first day

The moving day is over, and it is your first day in your new home. Now you have to unpack everything again to find the necessary items. You can prevent this by making a special box for the first evening, night and morning. Put things in it, such as a toiletry bag, pajamas, clean underwear, etc.