10 Things to consider before picking commercial painter in Melbourne

Interior wall painting has gained a lot of importance to many in designing or repainting their house in order to match up with the ongoing trends. Choosing the most appropriate interior paint is a daunting task for your home or even your office.

Looking for a commercial painter in Melbourne? Here is how Blue Sky Coatings can help you achieve the steps to consider before selecting the right interior paint for your place and provide with the best floor painting and interior painting services.

Know your purpose:

The colour of your home can change a lot of things internally like your mood and emotions and externally like your metabolism and blood pressure. Overall, it sets the environment in which it is applied. Opt for bold colours if you want the focus to be on the walls or neutral tones if you want the attention to be on the decor and the furniture.

Choosing the paint colour:

Choosing the paint colour is quite challenging. So, you can let the painters from the commercial painting company in Melbourne make these selections for you. You can go for lighter colours for the exterior as it makes it look more simple and attractive.

Planning the budget:

Plan your budget in advance in order to choose your preferred paint material and type.

Choose the right time:

Interior or exterior wall paintings are generally recommended during summers or spring as the weather is normally dry and try to avoid it during reason or when it is humid outside. The commercial painters in Melbourne can suggest you the best time to start with the process.

Relocating your items if required:

Eventhough, the painters will protect everything with drop cloths, you can still relocate a few items before they start in order to avoid any spills. This however, might require some investment.

Pick your furniture before choosing the paint colour:

It is way more efficient and easier to decide your furniture and decor before choosing the floor painting and wall paint colour.

Use tester:

Use tester paints in some shades and apply on a few walls to check how a specific colour looks at different times of the day with different lightings. Match these shades against your furniture to see if they look well together.

Understand the undertone:

You can choose between three different vibes of a colour-

  • Warm colours like red, orange and yellow makes the room look more cheerful, radiant and cosy.
  • Cool tones like blue, green and purple makes the room appear to be more refreshing and calm.
  • Whereas, neutral tones like black and white looks more appealing and classy.

Deciding the finish:

After finalizing the colours for floor and wall painting, decide the finish you would go for. For eg, Flat paints are more stain resistant while satin finish is best for walls as it helps to hide the imperfections. Strategizing the colours and finish together can enhance the best features of your interior.

Finding trustworthy painters:

The commercial painter in Melbourne have the best experience and Blue Sky Coatings is one such company that provides you with top notch wallpaper installation, interior painting and other services to help you achieve the desired results by applying new paint. You can always ask them to provide references from their work in order to make the process more reliable.

Here are a few tips you can use before hiring a house painter-

  • Refernces: Get referrals from your friends and family who have use these painting services before that will help you get an idea about how the prices are quoted.
  • Experience: Ask the commercial painting company to provide you a portfolio of their work and inquire about their quality of service from former clients.
  • Pricing: Search for painters that provide the best quality service at considerable prices with respect to their competitors.

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