10 secrets that Executive MBA or EMBA can’t tell you

These are the 10 secrets that Executive MBA or EMBA can’t tell you.

With the establishment of executive programs, professionals no longer have to leave their job to pursue a degree. According to GMAC, almost 19% of Indian candidates are considering an Executive MBA (EMBA).

EMBA is for entrepreneurs and mid-career workers who want to improve their decision-making skills and strategizing abilities. Most applicants need to have some work experience. The program is structured so that one can continue their education while still working.

Let’s discuss 10 secrets you might not know about the EMBA.

1. Flexible approach

This program uses a modular approach. Lectures are held at the weekend or afternoon. They offer a blended learning model that combines online and offline curricula. This helps professionals to manage their work while also investing time in their education.

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2. The degree’s value

An executive MBA is a professional asset that has equal or greater value. The executive MBA course helps you prepare your mind for the next level.

An EMBA can have a greater impact on your work life. According to EMBAC, 39% of EMBA graduates get promoted after graduation.

3. Viewpoint and structure of the course

Although EMBAs may not be as engaging as a full-time MBA they are still very interesting.

Although the course curriculum is similar to a traditional MBA program, the discussions are deeper.

It’s designed so that business opportunities and problems can be viewed from a leadership perspective.

4. Faculty support at its best

EMBA classes are offered by top-ranking faculties in the country.

Because the students have already gained experience and knowledge, this program is taught only by faculty with business or consulting expertise.

5. Strong peer network

Each batch of EMBA is made up of professionals selected from different industries and domains.

This program is a collaborative learning environment that encourages sharing and learning from one another. One discusses real-life business situations which provide a lot of holistic learning opportunities for all participants.

6. Collaborative perspective

An EMBA classroom encourages collaboration rather than competition.

Professionals are expected to share their best with colleagues and work together to find solutions.

This allows for team building and encourages the appreciation of others’ opinions.

7. Entrepreneurship opportunities

Entrepreneurs must think long-term and keep up to date with the market in order to build a sustainable business.

An EMBA allows them to take a realistic approach and receive real-time feedback.

8. Potential for higher earnings

Around 73% of EMBA graduates stated that they received better compensation or a refund for their investment in the Graduate Management Admission Council’s Alumni Perspectives Survey.

Despite the pandemic, EMBA graduates experienced an average increase of 14% in total compensation between 2020 and 2021.

9. Personality and skills enhancement

The entire course is transformative. It’s challenging but rewarding.

10. Big picture view

It is rare that one can get a 360-degree perspective of the industry, its business models, and other functions in a professional career.

EMBA allows you to do exactly that. The entire course maintains a global outlook.

EMBA is a great investment in your career. EMBA is the perfect offering for professionals due to its numerous success stories and market leaders.

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