10 Reasons Marketers Are Loving Virtual Events

Recent events have demonstrated the value of live-streaming virtual events. In the wake of requests for “social distance” that were instituted due to the coronavirus, live streaming of webinars, conferences, meetings, and even occasions for leisure has been helpful. But now it’s been quite a while since all the restrictions have been lifted. But still, the importance and advantages of virtual events are huge due to that. Many organizations are attempting to utilise live streaming of their events so that participants can attend from their homes. In the near future, virtual event platforms will become crucial to the overall plan of any event.

Expanding the reach and accessibility of information to all demographics, hiring candidates from all over the world, connecting professionals without interfering with their budgets or schedules, and more The most inclusive and simple option for planning an event is through virtual events. In this blog, we’ll explain 10 reasons why marketers love virtual events in today’s digital age. The entire process will be explained using examples from live streaming providers.

Virtual Events: Top Ten Reasons Why Marketers Love it –

  1. They are cheaper to produce.

It makes sense. Virtual events typically cost much less to plan and host than physical events. They don’t demand spending on travel, accommodations, or locations. As a result, compared to in-person events, their ROI may be significantly higher. According to marketers, the average cost per virtual event participant in Dubai (UAE) is between $500 and $1,000.

The saved money can be used as savings for future virtual events. Alternatively, you can use some of your extra money to buy special presents and enjoy enjoyable activities like group meal preparation or chocolate tasting.

  1. Planning and promotions are quicker.

Virtual events can frequently be delivered more quickly than physical events because no moving of people, goods, or physical displays is required. An in-person event takes six to eight weeks to plan on average, compared to three to four weeks for a virtual event. Many marketers said that it literally takes very little time to host a virtual event compared to an on-ground event due to event live streaming services

  1. Easier for attendees to schedule

People who have issues with travelling and want to be at home due to family responsibilities can find the virtual event the best to attend. Now that so many events are taking place online in the UAE, more people than ever before are expanding their virtual horizons and participating in more online events.

  1. It connects you with prospects from all over the world.

Geographical restrictions are a constant issue with in-person events. However, online gatherings can draw participants from all over the world. This is a huge advantage if your company operates internationally or even if you’re considering doing so.

  1. They lend themselves to highly focused conversations.

Focusing events on specific niche topics has become significantly more profitable because virtual events are less expensive and enable you to draw from a geographically diverse pool of attendees. By demonstrating your breadth of knowledge to potential clients, you can distinguish yourself from events that only touch the surface. Additionally, attendees who come to an event with a specific focus are more likely to be serious about your product or service.

  1. They generate a lot of data and insights.

After in-person events, getting attendees to complete survey forms can be difficult. However, it’s valuable to learn how attendees perceive your event. You can see how attendees are interacting with your event on a much more specific level with virtual events.

The majority of webinar platforms record each session and each interaction. For salespeople following up with prospects and marketers creating new events and campaign strategies, this information is priceless.

  1. Appealing to popular speakers. 

It is hard to find a valuable or popular speaker due to their high-end demand and busy schedules. As with in-person events, speakers need to travel, which consumes a lot of time. But in a virtual event, the speaker can join from anywhere they want and connect for their session. Additionally, it reduces the overall accommodation and travel costs. 

  1. Easier to scale.

The majority of live events are limited in size by the space they are held in. In actuality, many events have lengthy waiting lists. However, if you use a dedicated hybrid event platform rather than a videoconferencing service, virtual events can scale as large and quickly as you require.

  1. Fast way to introduce your product.

A virtual event can be a fantastic solution if you need to inform your customers and prospects of significant product or service news and you want to do it in an interactive setting. You can experiment with more frequent and targeted launches rather than waiting until you have a lot of new product updates to share in a single, major launch.

  1. Easily build sales pipeline 

You can easily schedule follow-up conversations while your virtual event is still going on because appointment calendar technologies are easily integrated with them. As a result, you can qualify leads more quickly and move them through the sales funnel more quickly.


To be very honest, there is nothing to say at the end, as the above-mentioned points are enough to prove how useful virtual event platforms are and why marketers love to use them. If you are planning to host any virtual events, then you are on the right path. Keep moving forward and take help from the virtual event service providers so that you don’t miss any features or in providing immersive experiences to your users. 

There are a few factors that you need to keep in mind for virtual events. There are two kinds of events you can host, such as completely virtual ones, but we will suggest you go with hybrid events (which have both the elements of in-person and virtual). Additionally, by following this, you will increase your brand’s presence in both the audience and across the globe. Also, it depends on how many gatherings you are planning to include in your event, the purpose and format of the event. Hope you find value in this blog. Stay tuned for more.