10 Best-Rated Indian Graphic Designers And Graphic Design Companies

Indian Graphic Designers

India and Indian graphic designers have always had an incredible history with designing and art. From advertising on the walls of the smallest villages to the modern and minimalist Bollywood movie posters in cities, India has always excelled in creating fabulous designs.

Establishing a name brand in the modern graphic design industry can be challenging. However, some faces and companies manage to cut through the competition and get recognition in India and worldwide.

What Is Graphic Design & The Role Of Indian Graphic Designers?

A great design has the power to evoke a specific emotion in one’s heart and mind. Graphic design is one of the art forms and professions that can convey a piece of information or ideas to the audience using just visuals. In this digitally evolving era, graphic design has taken over the field of UI UX, where everyone wants a better app experience, unique brand identity, and superb marketing pitches; graphic design is one aspect we cannot overlook.

Now that we have covered what graphic design exactly is, let’s talk about the role of Indian Graphic Designers.

They mainly develop visual concepts for a brand and create them by hand or with the help of any specific software. Any graphic designer’s key intention and role is to captivate, inspire, and/or persuade the users. These designs are often used in branding, marketing, promotional campaigns, and even public announcements.

Any designer’s key role is to follow the brand guidelines and develop a set of designs that speaks out the brand’s identity.

Design Styles for Indian Graphic Designers

Popular Design Styles That Indian Graphic Designers Follow

1) Minimalist:

As the name suggests, these designs are defined by their simplistic approach. Very few elements, lesser colors, and a flat texture are used to create a design, and that’s exactly what draws the user’s attention.

2) Scandinavian:

This design style is known for its stripped-down quality, making every element seem essential.

In this style, the color palettes are small, shapes are simple, and typography is curvy without a serif. You can also notice plenty of white space that draws focus on the essential elements of the design.

3) Retro:

The designs that spark nostalgia, where the viewers feel a sense of belonging, are generally categorized as retro designs. The colors are related to some sentiments that evoke a feel-good reaction. Such designs that can stir up a feeling in one’s heart can help sell the product or market the brand. When it comes to sparking nostalgia, Indians and Indian graphic designers excel in doing that!

4) Psychedelic: 

An instantly recognizable style characterized by its vivid colors and profusion of wavy lines are psychedelic designs. Inspired by people’s altered perception of reality, particularly how the objects were viewed, the roots of these designs go back to the 60’s.

5) Art Deco:

Graphic designs with strong geometric shapes, bold colors, and plenty of symmetry are Art Deco style.

This design style can stop you in your tracks, and it is so powerful that it will make you have a look. The intense shapes, highly-contrasting color schemes, and bold typography have made it one of history’s most recognizable design styles.

6) UI UX Designs:

A reasonably new design style that is becoming popular everyday, is majorly created for apps and websites. These designs are developed in such a way that the user gets a seamless and a better app experience.

These designs are heavily dependent on user and market research. You can find these designs as a combination of minimalist, Scandinavian, and retro, depending on the brand’s needs.

Now that we have covered different design styles that you need to be familiar with if you’re looking to build a career in graphic designing; let’s get you all inspired and tell you all about famous graphic designers in India.

Top 5 Indian Graphic Designers

1) Akshar Pathak

This 30-year-old designer has been making rounds in the digital world. The NIFT design graduate began working in 2010 and made minimalist Bollywood posters for the first time. Like many other Indian graphic designers, he then designed famous poster campaigns for MTV Roadies and other Bollywood films. Akshar also started his own project in 2012 named “Tweetard”, which was an ironic satire on various negative shades of social media. His earlier ventures were with Comic Con India, DSYN’s Happily Unmarried, and Zomato.

2) Sujata Keshavnan

A veteran designer, Sujata co-founded the well-known designing firm called Ray and Keshavan in 1989. Sujata graduated in design from the School of Art, Yale University, in 1987. She was also ranked 18 on Fortune India’s most powerful women list in 2011. This Eastern Press Award receiver is the only Indian designer honored twice with the Graphic Designer of the Year award.

Sujata has designed some outstanding logos like the Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Mumbai, Bengaluru International Airport, and Vistara Airlines.

3) Gopinath Prasanna

Chennai-based Gopinath is known for being an in-demand designer of logos, branding, and social media campaigns for some international brands. This Indian graphic designers’ journey began as a web designer for several media groups, and he developed almost 11 websites with their publications. He now heads a team of 10+ talented designers for a company in Chennai to create several games for multinational companies from scratch.

4) Shivalini Kumar

She is the reason behind Chumbak’s success! The famous accessories brand is now a front runner in bringing the funky Indian culture that is essentially expressed through doodles. She worked with Chumbak as an illustrator after a rather outstanding career at Lucid Design as the head designer.

5) Sunit Singh

Graduated from Sir J J School of Art and post-graduated from Industrial Design Center, IIT Bombay, Sunit has created the cleanest and the most clutter-free website that has set benchmarks for other designers. The website is Cleartrip. His UI/UX design skills are now well-known to the world, but his early ventures include being a branding designer at Burrp and a digital designer at Yahoo!. He is known to have created unique corporate stationary at both places.

Now that you have an idea about the top Indian graphic designers, let’s get you acquaint with the best companies for graphic designers in India.

5 Best Graphic Design Companies in India

1) Red Baton Design

This UI UX design company focuses on creating and building human experiences with a wide range of design and marketing services. Started in 2015, Red Baton design is based out in Bangalore with a team of 150+ people. An award-winning company has created designs for multiple apps and rebranded and marketed several renowned firms like Unilever, Tredence, Yulu, Teachmint, etc.

This design studio is know for it’s cutting-edge, youthful designs that can make you stop and look. The USP of this company is the UX research team that goes above and beyond with their user and market research. Based on their research, the UX designers created their designs that gives their clients a desired outcome.

2) Quick Radius 

This team consists of leading writers, Indian graphic designers, and animators. And is well know for creating presentations, infographics, and funny gifs as per the client’s demands. It provides creative solutions for various things like outlined customer interaction, core messaging, and content. The company helps its customers to share their stories in the most engaging manner.

3) Verve Logic

Based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, the agency is one of the leading names in web development and graphic designing. It is group of more than 80 employees. Who work in the field of software design and provide the best possible outcome.

The services that the company also provides are SEO, web development, and logo-designing.

4) 9Dzine

Any company with Indian graphic designers that helps. You build faith in your customers with exceptional designs can help the viewers remember you easily. 9Dzine has created a variety of logos and corporate designs, that makes the customers happy. The services they offer include website design and digital marketing.

5) Buttercup Design Studio

The experts at Buttercup believe that creativity used to present the business ideas via incredible visuals. The company is one of the best graphic design agencies in India. And that’s all because of its amazing marketing efforts. Apart from graphic designs, they offer a vast range of services like logo design, brochure creation, website design, packaging, exhibition and event design, advertising, branding, social media marketing.


Eye-catching graphic designs help in generating leads, enhancing SEO, and increasing brand recognition. Did you know that the global graphic design industry is rank 9th among all business activities? This is proof that the scope of graphic designing in India. And the demand of UI UX is increasing day by day. And if you can channel your inner artist. You can build a great career out of it. Who knows, the next name on the list could be yours!